Ask the barman…

Can I just hire your bars and staff and supply my own booze?

We only hire our bars out as whole packages, however, if you would like to just hire a dry bar check out our sister company Rustic Hire.

Do you do events outside?

We can do events outside ensuring there is some overhead cover like a marquee or teepee (we don’t like rain) and some kind of floor covering.

Also we’ll require an electrical point but are happy to arrange the lease of a generator for an extra charge.

 What if I don’t meet the minimum spend?

Our minimum spends are a guide and, as well as ensuring the event is worth our time and labour, it gives us an idea of how much stock to supply.

If the spend at your event is 10% under the minimum we don’t mind but if it is drastically under the minimum we will retain your deposit.

How do you deliver?

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Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

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Is Buying On-Line Safe?

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